Courtney’s Creative Crafts: The Top 10 Things to Make out of an Old Pair of Jeans

  1. Denim Tree Decorations

To make:

  • Get your old pair of jeans and cut out a tree shape.
  • Lie them one on top of the other and sew the bottom edges together, then stuff them.
  • After that decorate with buttons and ribbon.

2.   Denim Notebook

denim notebook

To Make:

  • Cut out two pieces of your jeans sized to the plain cover of the notebook you’ve picked make sure one of the pieces includes a pocket.
  • Stick them onto the notebookcovers.
  • Add decorations and put your pens into the pocket.

3.   Denim Wall Hanging


To Make:

  • You’ll need at least four back pockets (2 pairs of jeans) for this one. Cut off the back pockets.
  • Use fabric glue or pins too stick the pockets in a staggered row.
  • Pin onto your wall and put in all your creative kit (eg. Pens, pencils… whatever you want!)

4.  Denim Cushion

denim cushion

To Make:

  • Cut out two reasonable size pieces of denim.
  • Sew three sides together.
  • Stuff and then sew the remaining side close.
  • Decorate!

5.  Denim Corsage


To Make:

  • Cut up several circles of denim all various sizes.
  • Put each piece of denim on top of the other and pinch the centre.
  • Now either sew a button or use a pin too secure (If you want you can also add gems).

6.  Denim Tote Bag

denim tote bag 2

To Make:

  • Cut out two large pieces of denim and two thin strips.
  • Sew the two larger pieces together and hem them (fold over the top and sew0
  • Sew on the two thin strips of fabric onto the main part.
  • Decorate!

7.  Denim Coaster


To Make:

  • Cut down the side hem of the jeans.
  • Glue one side of the fabric.
  • Wrap it round itself to form a circular shape with a snail shell pattern.

8.  Denim Pots

denim pots

To Make:

  • Cut the leg/legs (depending on how many pots you want too make) off.
  • Cut a circular piece of fabric out and sew too the bottom of the other piece.
  • Get a piece of patterend cotton and sew it onto the top of the pot.
  • Fill with all your favourite stationary.

9.  Denim Quilt

denim picnic blanket

To Make:

  • Cut your jeans into roughly the same size squares.
  • Sew the squares together.
  • Add any decoration or embroidery.

10.  Denim Barrettes


To Make:

  • Cut (or just use scraps you have left) small pieces of denim to fit around clips.
  • Sew the denim around the clip.
  • Add a flower (denim or cotton it doesn’t matter) or any other decoration you want.


Comment with your ideas on what you could make and what you do make or maybe what you already have.




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